Sunday Funday?

I've been open at the studio on Sunday lately. Sunday is usually my only day off with the hubs, but it's been really busy here, so for now we have Sunday hours.

I like to give myself the day off at the studio on Sunday - I mean I should be brunching with a mimosa somewhere fabulous. So instead of making jewelry or doing anything remotely constructive, I spend the day (hopefully making lots of sales) and wasting time on Pinterest for 8 hours.

Not today. I got a large order, which is awesome! Because of said order I must clean my horror of a bench and workspace so I can actually make jewelry. I don't know how it happens. One day it's all Feng Shui and organization, and then all of a sudden - explosion! So after I post this the computer will be turned off and it's cleaning time.

Have a great Memorial Day, I've got to get to work!